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January 3, 2018
Why Choose Blink Digital for Video?
Why Choose Blink Digital for Video?

We Invest in High Quality Cameras and Production Equipment.


All of our cameras are 1080p, high definition equipment. Audio recording configuration is tailored to your environment, from wearable LAV to versatile, boom microphones. We have a number of production studios available, including chroma key (green screen), and static backgrounds suitable for commercial TV production, product videography, etc.


We are Licensed to Shoot Commercial UAV Aerial Photography.

Real estate agencies, property managers, agricultural and maritime organizations are all exploring aerial video as the emerging, industry standard. We offer stabilized, flyover views of just about anything! We have addressed the technical challenges of size, weight, and power requirements, to offer quality without compromise on our overhead visuals.


We are an Experienced & Professional Video Production Company.

Our experience in a variety of video production disciplines, and environments, will help you save time and money when planning your next advertising initiative. Depending on the market, we may be able to negotiate more competitive rates with local and regional media outlets. At the very least, we would like the opportunity to learn more about your project, and answer any questions you may have.


Video Benefits

Video is a beautiful way to streamline your message. Because it is a multi-sensory experience, you can rapidly raise brand awareness and build a sense of familiarity and excitement within your target market. Visuals tell compelling stories where mere words fall short. Viewers are more likely to use social media to share or promote video than any other content.


Social Media

Businesses of all sizes maintain YouTube channels to create momentum around their brands. One typical pitfall is the idea that a single video or concept will “go viral” if sufficiently researched and well produced. While this is certainly possible, it is far more important to develop a repeatable process for regular contributions to a video blog from within your organization.


Employee Training

We have trained our most successful clients to post simple and compelling media content on the web. Supplementing these in-house initiatives with professional animations or highlight films creates value beyond the conventional, agency model. While our experience ranges from basic promotional clips to full-length documentaries, your audience wants to hear from you, as well.

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