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January 3, 2018
eCommerce Priorities – Everything You Need to Know
eCommerce Priorities – Everything You Need to Know

Customers turn to internet shopping for on demand availability of an increasing number of products and services. The online marketplace is more competitive than ever, and every business
aspiring to carve their niche and establish a share in the market must posture itself aggressively.


In order to survive, an eCommerce website must offer immediate advantages among limitless alternatives. Online shoppers are asking three basic questions…


1. Is vendor credible? – 80%

2. Is price competitive? – 70%

3. Will the company deliver? – 90%


eCommerce Security

We want to build an eCommerce platform for you that reflects the sense of pride and integrity you have in your business. Slow or dated web designs, a lack of highly visible shopping cart security (SSL, etc.) and limited contact information may suggest a scam to wary internet consumers. While everyone likes the idea of being able to shop comfortably at home, the store front business model has been successful for hundreds of years because we like to build relationships with the people we do business with. Our eCommerce sites successfully bridge the gap between you and your internet customers.


Online Products

You need to offer either a few unique products, or a very wide selection of more commonly available goods. Internet shoppers are comparison shoppers. Finding the best deal on the planet is only a Google search away. Margins can be narrow, and volume is key to internet sales. We can offer you a unique advantage through using our cutting edge analytics software to help you identify your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses within your industry. In doing so, you can leverage your supplier relationships and buying power for the greatest return on investment. Inventory matters!


Shipping Logistics

The vast majority of your internet sales will have to be shipped to remote locations. We can build you a site that guides your customers through the purchasing process, and instills confidence in your brand through managing their expectations and qualifying what is beyond your control. Many of our eCommerce clients have trouble with third party carriers and freight companies. While many creative agencies construct eCommerce websites, our experience allows us to play a consultative roll from product sourcing, to advertising, to fulfillment. Our logistics expertise can help prevent unwelcome surprises after site launch.


Our eCommerce websites use up to date shopping cart technologies to your advantage, by providing a simple and powerful backend interface for day-to-day use by your staff. You shouldn’t require our services every time you want to add products to your inventory or process a payment. We can train your employees to use your new website, giving you control of your business and implementing a duplicatable online sales process.

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