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January 3, 2018
Printing & Branding – Is Old Media Still Effective?
Printing & Branding – Is Old Media Still Effective?

As the oldest (and most diverse) advertising medium, print graphics are still a fundamental part of many brand development strategies. Though the internet gives us an easy way to distribute content without the added cost of printing, we at Blink Digital still believe in the power of the written word and its ability to influence your target market. Corporate branding packages will often include office and vehicle signage, promotional materials, logo design, vector graphics renders, etc.


Print Graphics

Repetition and consistency are key to raising brand awareness and leaving a lasting impression. Traditional printed advertising should reinforce your social media, internet and video campaigns. Particularly on the launch of a new or heavily updated website, direct mail and basic promotional materials (such as business cards) can provide an instant source of fresh traffic to boost organic SEO.


Brand Reinforcement

Our most successful clients layer their advertising campaigns by simultaneous communication through multiple media. Print plays a definitive role. For example, a series of TV commercials targets a particular zip code, urging viewers to call a number and inquire about a product. A day later, a brochure arrives in the mail, with more details and a second invitation to connect by phone, or online.


New Media

Smart phones have elevated the effectiveness of traditional media. We place QR codes on signs, mailers, brochures and business cards, linking to web or video content. Your website listed on a billboard triggers mobile device traffic or a related, Google search. Our goal is to tell your story in a way that elicits an optimal, and immediate response. Ask us about how print advertising can enhance your efforts!


Print materials and processes can heavily influence the cost and quality of your promotional campaigns. Our experience, attention to detail, and industry relationships can save you time and money! We would value the opportunity to learn more about your needs and suggest some proven alternatives…

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