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January 3, 2018
Website Maintenance Solutions – Our Values
Website Maintenance Solutions – Our Values

We empower you to make the best decisions for your brand by reducing the complexity of website maintenance and development…


We Value Accountability.

We welcome clients who are “hands on” about their partnerships with us. We use state of the art time tracking and project management software, in tandem with lean operating principles, to increase our accountability and promote clarity regarding deadlines, scope of work, contractual agreements, and the approval process.


We Take Initiative to Pursue Your Potential.

We analyze and investigate the potential of your existing web platform, offering experience-driven, practical suggestions to increase the visibility and sharpen the focus of your internet presence. We want you to be competitive and highly relevant within your target market. We want your website to increase the effectiveness of your overall marketing strategy.


We Record and Analyze Your Data.

Starting with a complementary consult, let’s take a look at how your website performs in terms of presentation, traffic, and conversion rate. We can develop a regular maintenance and content generation schedule, including HD video, keyword-rich copy, and pixel-perfect images.


Fast Turnaround

Our goal is to respond immediately and in person to requests for updates, uploads or edits. Usually we can implement minor changes on the same day, or even in real time. More complex requests (such as landing pages) will be completed on a time table commensurate with your service agreement.


Attention to Detail

Every aspect of your website, from content to image selection, is a direct reflection of your brand. Any changes we make are executed with respect to the continuity and functionality of your existing internet presence. We strive to be good listeners, asking the right questions in order to identify your vision and objectives.


SEO Expertise

The Web is, by definition, connected. Blog, landing page, or home page updates can make a big difference, not only in how your customers perceive you, but also in terms of your visibility and SEO value online. As expert coders, developers, content writers and strategists, we are eager to advise you regarding structural revision variables.

We can help you develop a sales-driven focus, and reinforce your online content through social and traditional media. In order to succeed, you must take advantage of every opportunity to reach your target market. Repeating your core message and unique selling proposition through multiple outlets at the same time is our number one skill set…

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