Web Development is Only the Beginning.

Web development, video production, and creativity are valuable tools in our arsenal. But above all else, we are business development consultants. We make sales happen.

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Advertising is Useless Without a Sales Plan

At Blink Digital Agency, we believe that salespeople, not advertising – sell products. Our sales-driven focus changes the way we develop WordPress websites, produce videos, manage eCommerce, write copy, and run award-winning campaigns. Years ago, it was possible for anyone to start a company, put up a website, and make the phone ring.

Today, the internet marketplace is highly competitive and it takes more than a single advertising medium to realize significant returns. On a daily basis, executives are barraged by marketers offering “quick win” solutions for driving leads and sales. Decision makers hedge their bets, trying one program after the other while watching their investments disappear.

The End of Traditional Web Development

Blink exists because a few marketing professionals got tired of slinging useless optimization packages, template-based Shopify sites, and Fiverr designs. We begin with the idea that only a holistic approach, backed by an aggressive out-bound sales strategy, yields sustainable growth. There are no shortcuts to success. If there were, we would have been eCommerce millionaires long ago.

We are more concerned with whether you hire a full-time blogger than whether your website looks cool. We want your internet presence and traditional advertising to serve as an extension of your sales team. The two should synchronize like gears on a fine Swiss watch.

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