About Us

Branding has no inherent value unless it helps to unlock your sales potential.

At Blink Digital Agency we are coders, photographers, designers and graphic artists. But above all else we are business development consultants. We build aggressive growth strategies. We make sales happen.

Business Development Tools

We are different. We do websites, TV commercials & iPhone apps… just like everyone else. But while other companies sell you a service and walk away, we use our skills as tools in a comprehensive, ongoing business plan.

We begin with an assessment of your business goals, including branding, product placement, and target revenue. We use our creative and technical skills, couple with proven sales techniques, to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Ongoing Relationships

We work with our clients on an ongoing basis, rather than project by project. Why? Because sales growth is more than just a new website, or a social media campaign, or a new logo, or an email blast. It is an ongoing, adaptive approach to business development, involving multiple skill sets and continuous effort. We take ongoing responsibility for the success of the brands we create!

Launching a new website is a disappointment to the great majority of business owners.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is simply the art of making your website visible on the internet to the greatest number of potential customers. Everyone wants to come up first on Google. In reality, a new website (on its own) rarely generates an immediate or satisfactory return on investment.

We don’t get leads from our website…

No matter how well designed, a website that isn’t supported by an ongoing sales strategy is rarely a contributor to business growth. With the latest Google algorithms, most new websites are buried pages deep in the search results.

We want to sell our products online… it’s easy!

An eCommerce website is not a shortcut to success. It is little different than operating a conventional storefront business in an alternative location: the Internet. There is no such thing as a “passive” revenue stream. How will potential customers find your website? Why will they buy from you vs more well established internet competitors? What amount of overhead must be added for product fulfillment?

WE CAN HELP! Our experience reduces the learning curve and the time it takes to see results.