About Us

Blink was created to fill the disconnect between diverse marketing skill sets and the sales & fundraising problems they’re expected to solve. We have a comprehensive tool set including campaign management, web development, print materials, photography, videography, and sales training. We help you decide which tools to use through data-driven insights. We mobilize your sales initiatives by continuous testing of creative concepts and perpetual duplication of proven principles.

Meet the Team

Matt Clark

Matt has 20 years of full-time web development experience, encompassing WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Webflow, and Shopify. More recently, they have shifted the company focus to using our development skills to solve revenue-generating problems for clients. With a keen understanding of fundraising, they recently scaled a new nonprofit to 16,500 new digital donors in December 2023 alone.

Michael Johnson
Senior Web Developer

“I am, primarily, a front-end web developer with a strong background in design that has collected nearly two decades of tangible experience, I have worked with brands like Nike and GAP to create high performance & rich interactive websites while implementing functional code that works across multiple platforms & devices.”

Rebecca Paasch
Developer & Copywriter

Rebecca is a software engineer with 15 years of experience in building and maintaining enterprise level systems requiring four 9 uptime. She has led multi-year projects, directing resources from multiple areas for a Fortune 50 company. She has experience as an SME and product owner, balancing the needs of the business customer, vendors, and IT resources.

Brock Winchell
Support & Video

Brock is a key part of our quality assurance process, helping the senior developers put the finishing touches on every project. This includes checking for bugs & testing on all mobile devices. He’s also an outstanding videographer and a key part of planning and executing our most creative multimedia productions!

Our Philosophy

When it comes to digital marketing, trusting your gut or your own sense of aesthetics is rarely the right choice. A surprising majority of marketing decisions are made without taking into account customer/donor needs, preferences, and feedback. We’re passionate about using data to help our clients get to know their audiences, and move confidently in a crowded space while mitigating cost and risk. The only way to succeed is to let the numbers guide us. Users are eager to give opinions, but brands and their agencies all too rarely listen.

The Pillars & Burdens of Successful Digital Marketing

Our most successful clients are doing two things extraordinarily well: inspiring a keen sense of curiosity with the right target market, and offering a clear Call-to-Action by leading their audiences forward with clarity and authority. These are the twin pillars of any digital initiative. If you feel that your marketing isn’t profitable, look for the disconnects between your brand and your customers/donors. If engagement is high but revenue is low, then ask if your message is clear. What is it that you want users to do? What are you trying to change? What action must the customer take?


Within seconds of encountering your brand for the first time, the audience must fully understand your offer and the action you want them to take.


Of all the available options, your customer must believe that spending time getting to know you is their best possible choice. Social proof is everything.


“The product promised is the product delivered.” Converting an audience assumes their ability to visualize your process, and what delivery will look like.