Our Work

There are three ways to reach your target market: what your customers see, what they read, and what they experience. But it’s people who sell products – not advertising. That’s why we offer sales training to tie it all together.

Web Development

Web development is how we started, and it’s still our core proficiency. Design is incredibly subjective, so we are featuring a wide range of projects and approaches. We can build from mockups (Figma or PSD), or utilize our proprietary process to save you time and money. Each of our projects represents months of craftsmanship, coding, and communication.

Visual Media

From videography to photography, graphic design & 4k animation – Blink Digital has mastered the art of visual media production. In fact, a website featuring original images is 300% more likely to convert! While we’re willing to work with outside vendors, allowing us to produce custom visuals makes for a seamless, and often less expensive website build or campaign process.

Sales Training

If your marketing seems ineffective because your team isn’t closing inbound leads – we should talk. Businesses of all sizes lose faith in marketing, because they don’t know they really have a sales problem! Our full-service retainer allows us to tackle this challenge in 2 directions: ideally, we are lead generators as well as sales advisors.